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  • What Is SD-WAN

    SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network. It separates the control plane from the data plane and centralizes control to an orchestrator, which forms a private network within the IP network and adopts centralized policies to govern the way operations are run. Transport and technology-agnostic virtual overlays can be established using dynamic multi-pathing over multiple WAN links. This also allows automation of management tasks such as configuration and provisioning. InfoQuick SD-WAN supports multiple transport technologies, such as MPLS, Internet, 4G/5G, LTE etc., also could identify 4000+ applications, prioritize and optimize applications over different WAN links between multi-branches and multi-clouds. Comparing traditional WAN router, not only the deployment is simple, but also it could help enterprise connect branches safely and effectively, to improve enterprise WAN network reliability, simplicity, security and operation efficiency.

    The Benefits of SD-WAN Comparing Traditional WAN

    Why SD-WAN

    More and more enterprise business critical applications is running on multi-clouds on the internet. The employee remote office requirements are growing. Enterprise WAN traffic is explosive, however, MPLS circuit is expensive, needs long period deployment, is limited by ISP, and can’t use to access SaaS/IaaS applications. WAN expenses can rise with inefficient use of dedicated backup circuits. Moreover, traditional WAN architecture has limited security functions, and the complexity of connections is rising, which can’t adapt to present working environment requirements and is not good for IT to response business requirements quickly. Using InfoQuick SD-WAN, IT not only could connect networks quickly, but also could use all the WAN links and cut costs, furthermore could provide security protection to business.
    • Business Agility and Scalability

      Deploy quickly and flexibility to highly improve business agility and scalability, zero-touch provisioning, management visibility, operation simplification.

    • Improve Application Performance

      InfoQuick SD-WAN double optimization assured, deeply identify 4000+ applications to provide specific optimization, and optimize TCP/UDP protocol.

    • Business Security

      All network support UTM and NGFW, to assure business security.

    • Cost Efficiency

      Comparing to traditional enterprise network solutions, SD-WAN can reduce circuit, bandwidth and operation costs by leveraging cost-effective multi-type circuits using for different applications with the application awareness routing technology to use network source efficiently and not limited by circuit types and ISP.

    • Business Consistency

      SD-WAN automatically set multi-links to multi-active disaster backup status, combining with application awareness to conduct disaster backup for business and assure business consistency.

    Free Test

    SD-WAN solution can be deployed in a few minutes, greatly reducing the cost of bandwidth. InfoQuick solution makes the data exchange, operation communication and business contact among all branches of the enterprise more secure, stable, fast and convenient, and comprehensively helps the enterprise's business agility. What are you waiting for?
    Free Test

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